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Is it possible that my scalp has become immune to my scalp treatment?

Summer. questioned:

I get terrible dandruff, so terrible that we reckon it’s psoriasis. Nothing worked for me, I tried all dandruff shampoos, then Selsun and even the medical ones. Then I found Di Lorenzo scalp care, and it’s been working enormously for at least three years, but if I stop using it, the […]

How To Beat Scalp Psoriasis Forever

ThePsoriasisguy questioned: – Learn How To Beat Scalp Psoriasis Forever With This Natural Scalp Psoriaisis Treatment

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Embarrassing Bodies – Scalp Psoriasis – Post Treatment

embarrassingillness questioned:

Having seen a specialist, Maria’s psoriasis on her scalp has improved hugely.

Psoriasis Remission!

Does having a scalp treatment help prevent psoriasis?

jax p questioned:

I had psoriais before and I reckon it might be popping up again, Im thinking if I get a scalp treatment it will help before it gets worse.. and what exactly is a scalp treatment used for anyways?

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