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iHealthTube questioned: Pharmacist Sherry Torkos on what psoriasis is and natural ways to treat it. *Rate – Comment – Subscribe*

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help for severe psoriasis arthritis pain?

Abigail questioned:

My partner is crippled with pain in different joints. he is waiting for some treatments but how do you cope with this terrible pain? any hints would be usefull?

Psoriatic Arthritis Relief

is there anyone out there who has psoriasis? i have had it for 7 yrs. any treatment ideas that actually work?

troublemaker_4_life questioned:

no creams that i have gotten from the doctor have worked, the only thing that helped was life in the sun a lot!! but i cant do that all the time, i need a better solution. please help.

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Is Psoriasis the Bane of Your Life?

psoriasisskintreatme questioned: Learn All There is to Know About Psoriasis Causes and Treatment Options From my Free Video Series!

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Help me with my psoriasis?

eemia questioned:

Okay so I have psoiaisis pretty terrible on my back, neck, and chest.

Does anyone know about some cheap at home treatments available?

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Psoriasis Rap

ABCNews questioned:

The “Shape-Hop” Doctor, Dr. John Clarke, rhymes about the skin. For more, click here:

Once a Day Pill for Psoriasis

Psoriasis Cures, Psoriasis Diet, And A Natural Way To Live

prosumus58 questioned: Learn the secrets of natural psoriasis cures. They exist and they work, Learn more.

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question about psoriasis?

SCPA dancerr 420 questioned:

do any of you out there also have psoriasis? i was diagnosed in october of 2009. i would say its ‘mild’, last year i had maybe about 20-25 spots scattered on my legs, arms, mildly on the scalp and some of my back. (not in huge groups though) it […]