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is this normal? 14 year old question?

Abigail V questioned:

im 14 but i really want to have a child the the thing is i know im too young and all plus i could have a child as im on a drug called methotrexate for my psoriatic arthritis but is it normal for a 14 year ancient to be broody????


The Worst Psoriasis I’ve Seen

arayou2be questioned:

This is the worst psoriasis I’ve seen and it’s incredible! Wife clarifies how patient got his shape back with no steroids, phototherapy, injections, methotrexate, cyclosporin, etc. The common symptoms of psoriasis are thick, red patches of skin (plaques) and dry, silvery scales. These may…

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Psoriasis Treatment Systemic Therapy

SkinDiseaseEducation questioned:

Dr. James L. Campbell Jr., MD discusses Psoriasis Treatment Systemic Therapy. See more at PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!! Patients with psoriasis involving more than 20% of the body surface or who are very uncomfortable should consider systemic therapy. Systemic therapy is complicated and best managed by a dermatologist. A rotational […]

period help please?

Abigail V questioned:

im 14 and i have psoriatic arthritis but im worried im on a drug called methotrexate 20mg injection evry monday but i havent had my period i cant remeber the last time what can i do?

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what are some new options for treating psoriasis?

jeannie_brim questioned:

I have SEVER psoriasis and literally have tried all. Methotrexate, Dovonex, steroids, PUVA, I sleep w/ a humidifier and take oatmeal baths. Sometimes I use a tanning bed to get it under some control but it never goes away. I use TONS of lotions and baby oil. When we go on […]

Methotrexate & psoriasis. Should i take it?

Ben R questioned:

8 weeks ago I got a sore throat and a week and a half later i had red lesions all over me. after life diagnosed with guttate psoriasis and using tar topicals for 5 weeks, it has progressed into a worse form of psoriasis and a lot more coverage. It […]