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is this normal? 14 year old question?

Abigail V questioned:

im 14 but i really want to have a child the the thing is i know im too young and all plus i could have a child as im on a drug called methotrexate for my psoriatic arthritis but is it normal for a 14 year ancient to be broody????


Could this be costochondritis?

Andee questioned:

I have psoriatic arthritis where the arthritis affects both my knees and my left ankle. I’m now 22 and was diagnosed when I was 5 so thats 17 years life affected with an inflammatory disease. Can having a description of inflammatory disease be a cause of costochondritis (inflammation of the tissue […]

Why I hate my life. Medical Experts Please Read?

Jake K questioned:

Over the last few years, I have been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease (Gluten), Psoratic arthritis, Strep, Degenerative Disc Disease and Sciata. I have seen:

One Dermatologist – Diagnosed me with Psoriasis One Endocrinologist – Diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance One Rheumotolgist- Diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis & Celiacs Disease One […]

Prescribed the fentanyl patch and hate it.dependent on it now?

Ali questioned:

I am prescribed the fentanyl patch and despise it now because I am now dependent on it. I get sick if I dont wear it, sweating,stomach cramps(feels like a did 10000 sit-ups,tightening of stomach),flu like symptoms…..the sweating is the worst!! Anyone know of away to get off of them?? I have […]

Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis

Info4YourLife questioned:

Psoriatic arthritis, is an inflammatory form of arthritis associated with psoriasis and includes many manifestations such as skin psoriasis, nail lesions, dactylitis, and enthesitis. Symptoms contain pain, swelling and flush over the affected joints.

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A doctor prescribed me Suboxone. Now that I’m off, will I ever get narcotic pain relievers prescribed to me?

Rob questioned:

Here’s the back tale. I became dependent on Fioracet with Codeine, which was prescribed to me for nearly 3 years (stress induced headaches). Anyway, I quit taking them because I went to a different state, thus close my relationship with the doctor that prescribed them. At the same time, I had […]

could skin psoriasis turn into something else?

Rosa Martinez questioned:

im 17 years ancient and i had strep throat which gave me skin psoriasis (the doctor diagnosed this) and i looked it up and i reckon it might be guttate psoriasis. i have the spots on my arms, legs, stomach, hands and feet. theyre not too terrible and im using […]

period help please?

Abigail V questioned:

im 14 and i have psoriatic arthritis but im worried im on a drug called methotrexate 20mg injection evry monday but i havent had my period i cant remeber the last time what can i do?

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