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katerine lev questioned:

Spas have, in view of the fact that we became more aware of natural shape treatment, be converted into increasingly well loved. So much so, that you can find a spa on nearly every main street. Most spas provide walk in treatments for the busy housewife or those suffering from the tribulations of psoriasis, eczema or rheumatism to name but three diseases that spa treatments can help alleviate.

Another form of spa becoming increasingly well loved, and especially with those in quest of long term relief from the unsightliness of psoriasis or eczema or the pain of rheumatism are spa hotels, where you can combine a holiday with therapeutic treatments.

The only problem is that usually these aren’t family hotels and you have to leave the family behind for a relatively long period of time.

Well, if you’re looking for a spa hotel to find relief from psoriasis, eczema or rheumatism and that combines the perfect place for a family vacation – then coming to a Dead Sea Spa, situated in one of the many luxury hotels around the Dead Sea, may just be the answer.

Why the Dead Sea?

Medical research has shown that in terms of quick, long term relief from dry and flakey skin, the itching that accompanies psoriasis or eczema and the crippling pain of rheumatism, the mineral rich Dead Sea waters and mud’s are second to none. Taking a daily dip in the water, followed by a mud bath and a laze in the sun, all give your skin all it needs to start to repair itself.

At the same time, your family is having the time of their lives in a luxury hotel with all the amenities and when you close your therapy conference, you can join them to take up again the fun.

Add to this the incredible landscape of the Dead Sea area and the closeness of Jerusalem and you have the perfect holiday that will bring you long lasting relief from psoriasis, eczema or rheumatism and also a splendid vacation for you and all of your family.

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Psoriasis Diet – Key to Cures For Psoriasis?

Jorge Chavez questioned:

Making changes in your diet, in what you eat and drink, can make tremendous differences in your life. This is especially right if you happen to have psoriasis; you need a psoriasis diet. Our bodies get filled up with toxins. We get these toxins from the water we drink, the air that we breathe and the foods we eat.

We also absorb pesticides and other toxins by contact with our skin. The preferred way to get rid of these toxins is by natural elimination and through the urine. You will want to avoid elimination of toxins through your skin. Especially if you endure from psoriasis.

If you have been diagnosed as afflicted with psoriasis, you will need to modify your eating habits aptly away to lessen the symptoms. Start eating total, unprocessed foods for your psoriasis diet. Select those that are as close as you can get to the original form. Avoid processed foods, especially highly processed or with many artificial ingredients and components.

To hold the toxins buildup in your system to a bare minimum, don’t ingest any more toxins than you can help. Eat organic fresh vegetables rather than produce grown with artificial fertilizers and subjected to pesticides. If no organic food is available to you then take care to at least wash your vegetables and fruits very well, using a brush, to remove as many of the chemicals as possible.

Vegetables have more fiber and are simpler for your digestive system to process when they are eaten raw. They always lose some of their nutrients when cooked. Fresh raw vegetables have higher fiber content and are simpler for your digestive system to handle. Foods that are simple for your body to digest and process contain seafood, most types of beans, green blossoming vegetables, broccoli, squashes and all kinds of fresh fruit. With more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet you are less likely to develop allergies.

We usually get too much of our daily caloric intake from fats, so it’s best to confine your intake of fried food and fats in general. But, your body does need some fatty acids to function properly. Fatty acids play an vital part in eliminating, controlling and reducing inflammation. The fatty acids that you will want to add to your diet are those from cold water fish, extra virgin olive oil and flax seed.

Foods that are high in sodium are to be avoided. They can cause you to be dehydrated. Some forms of salt are better/less terrible for you than others. Varying from refined sodium chloride salt to more natural sea salt is a excellent thought and a healthy choice.

Switching over to using sea salt (all natural) will bring many benefits. It can raise your energy level, help to relieve symptoms from allergies and rashes, protect you against radiation. It can help to balance the acidity of the body, provide vital minerals, increase your resistance to infection and help to replace your lost electrolytes.

By intelligently modifying what you eat, by choosing a healthier diet, you can help control your psoriasis outbreaks. Also a better psoriasis diet will help your body to start to heal itself naturally, to avoid allergies and inflammation, and to stay a lot more healthy.

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Psoriasis News 2015 Product of the Year – Bee Clear Sticks!

Drum roll…and the Psoriasis News Product of the Year is Bee Clear Sticks! Bee Clear Sticks are a new way to apply a product, actually two different products, to your psoriasis sores. The sticks are available in both the 100% natural Bee Clear Healing Cream and the medicated Bee Clear MAX formula.

Bee Clear Psoriasis Cream Sticks

Bee Clear Sticks contain half an ounce of product in a tube or stick like a lip balm. Pull the cap off, twist the tube, the Bee Clear rises, and apply to affected area. You no longer have to use your fingers to apply the topical. The sticks are 3.5 larger than a typical lip balm yet fit easily in your pocket or purse, making it easy and convenient to apply, anytime, anywhere!

Bee Clear Healing Cream is formulated to treat mild to moderate psoriasis. It also works great on other skin problems like burns, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, scars, dry skin, just about any issue you might have. It contains 100% natural ingredients including organic coconut oil, olive oil, raw honey, beeswax, German chamomile oil, and a blend of 6 essential oils. It is available in 2 ounce jars and 1/2 ounce sticks.

Bee Clear MAX contains all the ingredients in Bee Clear Healing Cream and adds glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and poly sorbate 20. This medicated formula is great for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. The ingredients in the MAX formula aids in removing and clearing thick plaques of psoriasis. Sunburn is possible where product is applied but in most cases just some redness may appear. Use a sunscreen or cover areas where applied if being out in the sun all day. This product also is available in 2 ounce jars and the new 1/2 ounce sticks.

You can find the New, Bee Clear sticks at either the website or at the store.

A Diet For Psoriasis – Curing Psoriasis Through Your Diet

Dominic Greene questioned:

For many of us living in the modern world, we should really pay more attention to our diet. For psoriasis sufferers, this is doubly right.

It was one of the earliest education I learned when I started to look into how I could cure myself of this repulsive skin disease. The kind of stuff we eat these days, is it any wonder our bodies sometimes react this way?

Although there are many causes of psoriasis, including hereditary factors and allergies, one major influence on the condition of the skin is the toxins that find their way into our bodies. If the body can’t get rid of these toxins through the bowels and urinary tract, it will get rid of them through the pores on your skin. This isn’t excellent for the condition or appearance of your skin, and guess what?

You are poisoning your body with these toxins every day, through your diet!

For psoriasis sufferers, the toxins also indirectly affect your skin by suppressing the immune system. The suppressed immune system will start to malfunction, and start skin cells at a momentously increased rate. These skin cells then get hard-pressed to the surface, where they build up until they die and shed themselves. This is what causes the scaly patches of psoriasis on your skin.

Putting collectively a diet for psoriasis that momentously cut-rate the amount of toxins I was feeding my body was my next step. I knew my body was telling me something, so I chose it was time I listened and did something about it.

For me, it was kind of like my body was making a protest at all the junk I place into it!

The first changes I made where quite simple. I started to read marks more and see what was really in the food I was eating. I stopped buying things like ready made meals, processed meat like bacon and anything that seemed like it had too many chemicals in. I started to buy organic fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh fish and wholemeal bread.

By eating a diet with fewer chemicals, my body was able to deal with any toxins without having to get rid of them through the skin. Not only that, but it helped my immune system stabilise itself and function normally again. I started to notice a difference in the appearance on my skin within a week or so, where my psoriasis patches looked less red and mad.

To this day, I believe that just making a few small dietary changes had a noteworthy effect on my skins appearance, and made a major contribution to becoming clear of psoriasis altogether.

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Dealing with Psoriasis

iHealthTube questioned: Pharmacist Sherry Torkos on what psoriasis is and natural ways to treat it. *Rate – Comment – Subscribe*

Once a Day Pill for Psoriasis

help for severe psoriasis arthritis pain?

Abigail questioned:

My partner is crippled with pain in different joints. he is waiting for some treatments but how do you cope with this terrible pain? any hints would be usefull?

Psoriatic Arthritis Relief

Can my psoriasis be linked to IBS?

jenga questioned:

I was recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) with my symptoms life constipation, bloating (especially after starchy foods), indigestion and constant hunger. I have also noticed I have started with psoriasis on my scalp, which is beyond just flakiness. I have open sores that bleed and are hard not to upset. I have been using steroid cream which helps a small but they are still there.

Also, my legs are really sensitive to any treatments for hair removal and I have red discolored marks from trying epilation. I just feel like a total mess.

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Psoriasis and Diet – Is Your Psoriasis Linked to the Food You Eat?

Dominic Greene questioned:

Have you wondered if psoriasis and diet are connected?

Having suffered from psoriasis myself I got to thinking if what I was eating was causing, or at least contributing to, the onset of the disease.

What I learned was that there are 2 evident arguments on the topic:

1.) No, psoriasis and diet are not linked

Despite many clinical studies on the theme, non have shown a connection between psoriasis and diet. Most dieticians will give psoriasis sufferers the same advice as anyone else: eat a healthy balanced diet and get some exercise.

2.) Yes, there is a link between psoriasis and diet

For anyone who suffers from psoriasis, there is always a trigger that causes an outbreak. It is argued that this trigger is often in their diet. Psoriasis has been blamed on many different foods such as eggs, sugar, red meat, coffee etc.

So, which argument should you believe?

Well, they are both aptly in their own way. Even as no studies have proven a link between psoriasis and diet, it doesn’t mean there absolutely isn’t one.

Having said that, there are people who will eat all the ill-treat foods all their lives and never get psoriasis, as well as those who eat all the aptly foods and are plagued by scaly skin.

If you do notice a certain food tends to cause an outbreak, then you should obviously avoid it. It may not guarantee you never get psoriasis again, because there are usually multiple factors involved in the disease, but you will at least have identified one of your triggers.

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