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iHealthTube questioned: Pharmacist Sherry Torkos on what psoriasis is and natural ways to treat it. *Rate – Comment – Subscribe*

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help for severe psoriasis arthritis pain?

Abigail questioned:

My partner is crippled with pain in different joints. he is waiting for some treatments but how do you cope with this terrible pain? any hints would be usefull?

Psoriatic Arthritis Relief

Can my psoriasis be linked to IBS?

jenga questioned:

I was recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) with my symptoms life constipation, bloating (especially after starchy foods), indigestion and constant hunger. I have also noticed I have started with psoriasis on my scalp, which is beyond just flakiness. I have open sores that bleed and are hard not to […]

Psoriasis and Diet – Is Your Psoriasis Linked to the Food You Eat?

Dominic Greene questioned:

Have you wondered if psoriasis and diet are connected?

Having suffered from psoriasis myself I got to thinking if what I was eating was causing, or at least contributing to, the onset of the disease.

What I learned was that there are 2 evident arguments on the topic:

1.) No, […]