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Treating Psoriasis Naturally – How to Get Rid of Your Psoriasis Today

Chase Parker questioned:

If you are a sufferer of psoriasis then you know how terribly it affects your life. You are embarrassed of your appearance and you despise it when people look at you. You assume that they are judging you based on your skin and it is really embarrassing to live life […]

Psoriasis Rap

ABCNews questioned:

The “Shape-Hop” Doctor, Dr. John Clarke, rhymes about the skin. For more, click here:

Once a Day Pill for Psoriasis

Is There Really Such A Thing As A Psoriasis Diet?

Jonathan G. Michel questioned:

Don’t you just despise it when people who’ve never had psoriasis seem to know all about psoriasis? Like a comment I recently read about ‘there life no such thing’ as a psoriasis diet. Whoever made that comment missed the point.

It’s not about a proven or unproven psoriasis diet… […]