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question about psoriasis?

SCPA dancerr 420 questioned:

do any of you out there also have psoriasis? i was diagnosed in october of 2009. i would say its ‘mild’, last year i had maybe about 20-25 spots scattered on my legs, arms, mildly on the scalp and some of my back. (not in huge groups though) it […]

Discover The Psoriasis Treatment That Healed My Mom In 30 Days

ThePsoriasisguy questioned: There are so many different skin conditions that we can be managing that it is hard to list them all. These would range from a slight skin conditions, like an irritating rash to more major skin conditions, such as psoriasis. In the circumstances of those that have to treat psoriasis […]

Scalp issues, dandruff, Psoriasis or something else?

xamiiach questioned:

I have had dandruff for a long time and i use head and shoulders intensive treatment to help with this, but, throughout the day at time my head will burn and itch, and parts of my back and neck will burn and itch as well. I have noticed that when this […]