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For those of you with eczema/dermatitis/rosacea/psoriasis?

… questioned:

Have you guys ever tried alternative treatments? Like.. accupuncture? or taking herbal suppliments? or do an elimination diet? or try a liver flush?

If you have, can you tell me if it worked or not? I’m sick of dermatologists giving me steroids and a bunch of useless creams. Especially creams that […]

Psoriasis Triggers

Wayne Mcdonald questioned:

Suffering with psoriasis is no walk in the park. The dry, flaky skin, the embarrassing rashes and red patches; it’s all a lot to take. Anyone who suffers from psoriasis knows the constant struggle of learning what triggers flare-ups and then avoiding those situations. So what triggers flare-ups? Read on […]

It’s Holiday Giving Time at

Jim Longnecker announced today that he is including one two ounce jar of Bee Clear Psoriasis Healing Cream with the order of any version of Say Goodbye to Psoriasis. This $20.00 value is yours during this limited time Holiday Special and will end before the year does!

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis has been the […]

I RECOVERED from Spongiotic Dermatitis / Eczema.- U.V. Treatment works. Has anyone every tried it?

keibe1295 questioned:

Starting in May 2007, I started to experience unnormal skin changes. I’ve had psoriasis in view of the fact that I was younger, but it was always minor and treatable with creams. But, this time, my skin changed into something I never would have imagined. I was later diagnosed with Spongiotic […]

Diet Tricks for Psoriasis

Jesse Ryan questioned:

Psoriasis is known to be a repulsive skin disease and there are a lot of causes that lead to the condition. It could be caused by allergies, hereditary factors as well as the deposit of toxins. For the most part, the accumulated toxins in the body are removed through the […]


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See documented results. Unprecedented treatment for tablet & scalp psoriasis. Free sample. Safe, quick & effective. No contraindications

Psoriasis Cure Pill adds Mobile Friendly Website

Jim Longnecker announced the addition of a “mobile friendly” website to The new website is enhanced for mobile devices and includes the most vital information from the “regular” website.

Pages contain access to his Free Report, The Secret to Clearing Psoriasis, FAQ, Products, Contact Form, About Us, Latest News, Client Testimonials, Videos, and more!