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A dermatologist clarifies how this skin condition is recognised and treated and the challenging effects it can have on an individual.


does anyone know about any good treatments for scalp psoriasis?

precious_mel questioned:

i have scalp psoriasis and it’s really irritating. i’ve tried several drug store shampoos but i feel like they aren’t working.

Psoriasis Remission!

Psoriasis Treatment – My Journey

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This is a video I made to track my progress on my journey of clearing my body of psoriasis. Look at the improvement after less than 2 months. If you want to learn more visit me at:

psoriasis […]

How am I going to do it? Mom’s only please?

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I have my 12yr ancient step-daughter who lives with us, my toddler will be 2 1/2yrs ancient & then I’m going to have a newborn that I be going to on trying to breastfeed. I’m going to be up every 2-3 hours of the night probably for […]