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Psoriasis is an Angry Man’s Game

Paul W Howard questioned:

For nearly 10 years I’ve been using hypnotherapy to help clients with Psoriasis.  I have noticed three fastidious personality traits that seem common to most clients I see.  But more of that later…

When I first started working with clients who had Psoriasis, I conducted a examine into the […]

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WeightLossTrimenergy questioned:

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New Psoriasis Forum Now Open

The website has launched a psoriasis forum this month and invites you to participate!

The psoriasis forum is open to the public and currently has three main areas. The first is a general discussion, the second is a discussion on psoriasis, and the third has a discussion about the Say Goodbye to Psoriasis treatment […]

Treatment for Psoriasis – Scalp Psoriasis Treatment – Psoriasis on Face

USAHotVideo questioned:

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Phenomena’s and the Symptoms of Psoriasis

Jane Robinson questioned:

There are 3 main phenomena’s or symptoms of psoriasis, which can be detected with a scraping of the psoriatic plaques:

– the “stearin spot” phenomena – with the scraping of the surface of the psoriatic tablet there will appear silvery-white scales, that resemble stearin – a  tasteless and odorless substance […]

What are treatments for Scalp psoriasis?

Rhiannon questioned:

my scalp has had dry red patches on it that flake, sometimes if scratched it will even bleed a small. we are going to the dermatologist in a few days to see if it is for sure psoriasis. what are some of the treatments doctors do to help stop it? and […]

“Christina” – Psoriasis PSA

shiranit questioned:

Public service announcement entered into a contest sponsored by Psoriasis Cure Now! (

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis

A New Psoriasis Treatment Methods That Works?

Allen Iser questioned:


In your quest to find a New Psoriasis Treatment that will work for you, you will inevitably come across many creams, pills, lotions and potions which claim to be the cure-all for your condition. It can be frustrating sifting through all the marketing and hype to find a product […]