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If you have psoriasis can you severe in the army?

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Please help

Psoriasis Cure

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Psoriasis is one of the most chronic skin diseases that is recognized by thick, red, silvery, scaled patches on the skin. It can be defined as an inflammatory skin condition. It affects both sexes and usually appears in the age of 15-35 years.

Psoriasis can occur anywhere on the body, […]

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Diet works and here is my proof. 60 days of documented healing. No medication, no shots and no tanning beds.

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HELP! My scalp’s terribly dry and scaby. (psoriasis) and would luv to hear any helpfull tricks(lyk MAYO)TNX!

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I’ve tried coconut oil aswell.. any more? thanks!

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Psoriasis is an itchy, red condition of the skin. The most common is scalp psoriasis. Psoriasis causes can be many, but traditional psoriasis treatment rarely is effective. Successful psoriasis treatment revolves around a psoriasis diet and natural supplements. The other forms of psoriasis are guttate, inverse, plaque and erythrodermic.

Best Psoriasis […]

Golfer Phil Michelson has Psoriatic Arthritis

The final golf major of the year, the PGA Championship was played last week and in a surprising announcement it was stated that Phil Mickelson, the #2 player in the world was suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

Just before the U.S. Open in June, Phil woke up one morning and literally could not walk! The […]

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eN922uZ5 questioned: Our revolutionary new technology combines the most effective known organic moisturizers which helps infiltrate the scaly upper layers of the skin.

Psoriasis Cure


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I am curious to see how you made out with the appeal.

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