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Psoriasis Arthritis Fruit Diet

Angie Lindsey questioned:

This article talks about psoriasis arthritis fruit diet. According to a book on healing psoriasis, people who experience psoriatic arthritis symptoms should avoid the nightshade family that includes tomato, potato, peppers and eggplants.

Other diet that helps clearing psoriasis is high fruit and vegetable juice diet. If you experience a […]

Would you date a guy with psoriasis?

Serious Question Asker questioned:

Would you date a splendid guy, but small (about 5’4″) and has psoriasis? I feel that I will have a like-less future.

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i have scalp psoriasis how can i treat it and does it go away for good?

Ella xx questioned:

i have been diagnosed with scalp psoriasis, due to stress! it is itchy flaky and humiliating! i have a treatment from the doctor that really has done nothing except stop the itching for awhile. is there any herbal or natural remedy i could use, and, does it go away, or […]

What To Do With Scalp Psoriasis

NEWS9OklahomaCity questioned:

A viewer says her daughter has psoriasis on her scalp and wants to know what she can do.

Psoriasis Cure

What should I do to improve scalp psoriasis (diet, hairbrush, etc)?

Vivica questioned:

I use a shampoo that is specially formulated for people with psoriasis, but is there anything (e.g. diet, trying a different type of hairbrush, etc) that I could do to improve the condition of my scalp? On the theme of hairbrushes, I currently use a flat brush with hard, plastic bristles. […]

Need some Medical help please. i’m desperate?

Boop questioned:

I have had severe joint pain and exhaustion(along with other symptoms) for two years now. i feel like NO ONE is listening to me. I reckon i have an auto immune disorder that no one has diagnosed yet. I have high WBC counts, very high C-reactive protein levels, and very high […]

Help Psoriasis Research Go Farther

psoriasiscurenow questioned:

This video was a Finalist prize winner in the 2008 Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest. The video, by PatrickSkymaster [], captures in a compelling and humorous way, how psoriasis research is currently underfunded by the federal government. Visit for more info or to write to Congress.

Psoriasis Product Reviews […]

Psoriasis & UV treatment Part 1

beardfreak1969 questioned:

As the title suggests – this is a two part series (only small clips) showing the before & after effect of UV treatment on chronic Psoriasis. I have minor problems with this complaint and manage to control the symptoms mostly through diet and creams, but I’d like to experiment with UV […]