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okay does anyone have a cure for dandruff that actually WORKS?

Bertha G questioned:

i am so sick and TIRED of this stupid dandruff!!!! i have had it in view of the fact that i was a kid and NOTHING works!! I have tried All. I’ve tried dozens of different dandruff shampoos, nutrogena t-gel (which is cancer-causing and you can’t get the nasty smell […]

Anyone know how to treat scalp psoriasis?

ashez92 questioned:

I have a patch of scalp psoriasis in my scalp and I was wondering if anyone has had success using certain products. If you know of products that have help you a splendid deal please let me know. thanks so much!

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Special Holiday Package for Psoriasis Sufferers

The Say Goodbye To Psoriasis Thanksgiving Holiday Sale at the website kicked off yesterday and will run through November 30th at noon central time.

This year’s package is the best one we have ever offered. When you order a copy of the Say Goodbye to Psoriasis ebook, you will also receive one jar of […]

scalp psoriasis treatment – psoriasis free for life – psoriasis home remedies

MyEstrellamar questioned: – scalp psoriasis treatment – psoriasis free for life – psoriasis home remedies The key to curing psoriasis is this You need to work in harmony with your body’s natural. Defenses by giving it natural “ammo” to fight this. Immune system disease!”

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis! […]

Psoriasis Dead Sea Treatment

makatz54 asked:

For more information, visit: Psoriasis patients can apply for scholarship or patrons may donate so psoriasis patients receive FREE care at the Dead Sea.

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis

Psoriasis Treatment

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Details: Psoriasis Treatment

What is Psoriasis?

katerine lev questioned:

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that primarily affects joints and skin.  Psoriasis is non-contagious and usually manifests itself in patients between the ages of 15 to 40. But, once psoriasis appears, it is a disease that will be with the patients for the rest of their lives. Psoriasis […]

Psoriasis Treatment – is There a Cure for Psoriasis

Clint Jhonson questioned:

Unfortunately, there is no Cure for Psoriasis and any product that claims to offer a miracle cure is misleading you, as Psoriasis is a recurring condition and there is no permanent solution or Cure. There are but innumerable different Psoriasis Treatments available including Phototherapy treatments, which will need to be […]