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SmackCook questioned:

*update* my video may not be appearing for some of you guys but type in “&fmt=18” no quotes or spaces at the end of the url and it should appear, sorry for the inconvienance. After 44 years of suffering with severe scalp psoriasis and no results from doctors, I’ve found my […]

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The packages feature the #1 selling book on treating psoriasis, Say Goodbye to Psoriasis, along with Bee Clear Healing Cream, and the recently published Special Report, The Psoriasis Cure Pill.

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What can I do about my scalp psoriasis?

prettyinpearls questioned:

My scalp psoriasis is very itchy and sore. What should I do, I have tried different shampoos and nothing seems to work. Should I get a special psoriasis shampoo and conditioner? If I go to the demetologist will she give me pills or just a cream?

The Secret to Clearing Psoriasis […]

Psoriasis Treatment Diet

Marcus Person questioned:

People often say that the quality of life is as vital as life itself.How is your life?If you are a person who has suffered from psoriasis,do you feel at loss what to do about your fish scale-like skin or you have gone all out to find some way to cure […]

please help me anyone! ?

hIs_pRinCeSs questioned:

sadly i have been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis which is a chronic and often progressive condition that primarily involves pain and inflammation of the joints of the spine. AS affects the joints between the vertebrae and the sacroiliac joints (the area where your spine meets your pelvis). The dr. told me […]