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Life with Psoriasis

dramatichealth questioned:

After noticing something unusual in his hair, Adam confronts his mother. Soon he finds himself in and out of clinics being paid innumerable treatments for his embarrassing condition. Find out what treatments worked for him and how he was able to aid this genetic disorder.

Psoriasis Cream All Natural […]

Psoriasis Survey #2 Completed

Psoriasis Survey #2 has been concluded and you are invited to view the results to see where you fit in among the 300 participants.

The survey, consisting of 10 multiple choice questions, provided some fascinating results regarding psoriasis treatments. sponsored the survey and results can be found at the website.

A new survey is […]

Does anyone know what can give relief for psoriasis?

allcurledup53 questioned:

Seems like I get it nearly clear then it comes back. It is on my chin.

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Why is There Still No Cure For Psoriasis?

Louise Forrest questioned:

If you are suffering from psoriasis then you have a skin condition that is common certain areas of the body such as the elbows, knees and also the face.

A huge population really suffers from this condition and research has shown that it is not that common amongst people who […]

Embarrassing Bodies – Scalp Psoriasis – Post Treatment

embarrassingillness questioned:

Having seen a specialist, Maria’s psoriasis on her scalp has improved hugely.

Psoriasis Remission!

Psoriasis Drug Raptiva Pulled From Market

WEDNESDAY, April 8 (HealthDay News) — The troubled psoriasis drug Raptiva is life withdrawn from the U.S. market, California-based drug maker Genentech announced Wednesday.

The go comes nearly two months after U.S. shape officials issued a public shape advisory on the drug after confirming a link to a rare, sometimes fatal brain infection.

In a […]

FSR Elbow

eN922uZ5 questioned: Tested in the medical field, nursing homes and in the retail market with exciting and immediate results. Relieves itching, scaling and flush of psoriasis on contact.

Psoriasis Cream

Psoriasis Treatment?

Sam Sneed questioned:

I have had a problem with psoriasis for 5 years. It is located on the base & sides of my nose and above my upper lip. I had been using my sister’s corticosteriod medication, but that is no longer an option.

My main problem is the flush in this […]