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Psoriasis Treatment with the XTRAC on The Balancing Act

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This segment focuses on the XTRAC® Excimer Laser from PhotoMedex, which doctors are using to effectively clear patches of psoriasis.

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Natural Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

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Cures or Remedies for Severe Psoriasis.plz help?

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my cousin has a severe case of psoriasis. (a skin disorder) the majority of it is on her scalp and forhead. It is very painfull and causes many other problems. she has benn to serval doctors and tried sevral different things but none have worked does any person recomend any cures,medicines,remedies […]

How To Clear Psoriasis

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Fasting in detoxification

Fasting, has tremendous shape benefits. It has been observed that fasting can help to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. During fasting our digestive system rejuvenates, metabolism improves, colon gets cleaned and immune system becomes enhanced. Apart from religious fasting there are also some form which is not […]

What is the best treatment for psoriasis?

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I have it on my fingers and the skin breaks up and bleeds. It has been diagnosed by a consultant as a hybrid type of psoriasis. Need help!

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Acne and Psoriasis ,eczema Treatments and Eliminating Acne Scars

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For the people that have had to endure the effects of Acne and Psoriasis, the scars that are left behind from acne can often be as burdensome as the acne itself. These scars or pockmarks come in different shapes, and have their own fastidious category of identification.The scars are caused […]

How do I deal with the symptoms of psoriasis?

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I have red spots on my face and they get really dry flaky skin on them. I am 99% sure that it is psoriasis. What can I do about the symptoms?

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Nutrition Tips : Would Vitamin E Be Beneficial for Psoriasis?

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Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can be beneficial for psoriasis due to its moisturizing qualities. Find out how vitamin E can help treat dry, scaly skin from psoriasis withtips from a licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition. Expert: Christine E. Marquette Contact: Bio: Christine E. Marquette is […]