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What treatment is good for psoriasis?

Grammy Jo questioned:

I have psoriasis on my legs and have seen a dermatologist who prescribed two expensive creams. They help a small but it never goes away. I’ve been tanning for a small time in a tanning bed every other day and have seen a drastic improvement but am a small worried […]

any home “cures” to help hand psoriasis pain?

dlaine55 questioned:

Any help is truly wonderful!! thanks!!!

Psoriasis Cure

psoriasis suffer needs relief.any ideas?

amc28092 questioned:

my niece suffers from severe psoriasis. does any one know of any home remedies or over the counter products that could help me?

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Use Chinese Medicine For Psoriasis

Ron Shelf questioned:

Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by itchy and red patches that be converted into covered with loose and silvery scales. This condition may acute, chronic and mild. The eruptions appear most often on the scalp, forearms, elbows, knees, and legs. It may also occur on the chest, tummy, back, […]

have you got a remedy for psoriasis?

vici questioned:

a friend of mine has got some nasty psoriasis on his knees and elbows

if you have any thoughts about anything that might help i would be greatful

thank you

has anyone heard of using banana peels for psoriasis?

jack f questioned:

i’m 54 years ancient and with the past year i have developed psoriasis. i have tried innumerable remedies, with not much succes.

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Is it possible to have psoriasis just once in your lifetime?

Thao H questioned:

Hi I’m 20 and I have developed psoriasis just a few months ago for the first time. There is also no description of this disease in my family. I’m beginning to get really worried about it. One of my most worst fears is pain and by looking through all the […]

Enbrel for Psoriasis?

fritzav questioned:

This used to work splendid for my husband, but now our insurance wont cover it. Do you know of any thing else that works this well? Does your insurance cover Enbrel? Is there any way we can get them to pay?

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