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how long does it take to get a tan in a tanning bed?

kaligirl…xxx questioned:

i have honest skin and burn not really easily but simpler than i i have psoriasis on my legs pretty terrible and when i was in highschool the doctor tried all to get rid of it and nothing worked so i started tanning and it took it away really quickly, […]

psoriasis home remedies?

lcw83 questioned:

ive tried the creams, ive tried the sun…its combined and im frustrated. my elbows and knees look appalling! i despise wearing small sleeves and i wont wear shorts 🙁 any suggestions?

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does any1 have a cure for psoriasis?

Jè$$..x questioned:

is it caused by stress?

Psoriasis Cream

I injected Enbrel into a blood vessel?

foof questioned:

Do I need to be worried? I pulled back on the plunger and didn’t see anything but then when I pulled the needle out there was alot of dark red blood and then I saw a small blood inside the needle area of the syringe? Will this be a problem??

Psoriasis […]

Psoriasis and Natural Treatments

Lambert Klein questioned:

In a healthy human, the skin is made from the inside out. This entire process, which takes the new skin cells and moves them through to the outer layers where they ultimately flake off typically, takes several months to accomplish. There are times; but, what a person has a problem […]

In need of help for my psoriasis?

lilswttngone questioned:

I have been suffering from this problem for a very long time and have tried many diffrent remedies if there is any one ut there with a diffrent remedy please share…..

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tips for psoriasis on legs?

your turn questioned:

started out as guttate and now is more tablet like – from reading most tablet occurs on ears and elbows but i have none there??? Help. It used to go away after 3 months but now has stayed for more than one year

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Psoriasis cure please!!?

A M questioned:

my mom has been suffering from psoriasis for the past 3 years. all treatments that she underwent hasnt cured her. We live in an apartment where the heater is set at a very high temperature. this aggravates her psoriasis and it has been itchinga lot. Is there any cure for […]