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Psoriasis, A Chronic Dry Skin Disease

Louise Forrest questioned:

With the change of our lifestyles, we are facing ourselves wrapped with multiple shape problems and diseases that are often perilous and sometimes life threatening.

These diseases are generally called as life style diseases, as they take shape from the regular habits of our lives overall.

But, some […]

how could i control psoriasis on my scalp.i am female and its pretty embarassing,i have it around my face 2?

terina b questioned:

i am south african so please could i get remedies that could be found in my country.

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis

I want to take a sun bath for my psoriasis.should i expose only the affected parts to sun?

Mayuri questioned:

I have psoriasis on my arms leg and scalp…should i expose only the affected parts to sun for sun bath..should i apply any moisturiser before my bath…please provide me some details..thanks in advance…

Psoriasis Cream

psoriasis do you know or have a cure to get rid of this?

adrian w questioned:

i am looking for remedies for this. At the second i use dermovate it is steroid cream and i do not like useing as it thins skin can any person help me on this one thankyou

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What causes one monthly mouth sores? They aren’t herpes. Could they be another form of psoriasis?

sissyd questioned:

I’ve tried all the home remedies I ever heard of but they haven’t helped. I now take 1000 mg. Vit. C daily and it has lessened the severity of outbreaks but I still have them about every 28 to 30 days. They used to be so terrible that I had to […]

Psorcure Treatment Plan – Introduction

chowdhryrc questioned:

Psorcure Treatment Plot total approach provides permanent solution to psoriasis problem. provided by

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis

Does anyone else fine it difficult to deal with psoriasis?

Mal questioned:

Hey everyone, My name is Mal, and I have had psoriasis in view of the fact that I was in 8or 9. I am now nearly 16. My psoriasis has gotten so much better over the past couple of years I went from about having probably 60% of my body covered […]