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Will there ever be a cure for psoriasis?

a p questioned:

what is the cause of psoriasis.

Any home remedies for prickly heat rash?

Earthling questioned:

I don’t have any skin conditions such as psoriasis or excema, and I don’t have any skin allergies. It’s certainly heat rash of some sort. I just get patches of itchy rashes during the summer when it’s hot and humid. I have been China for for years and TCM hasn’t helped […]

Does anyone have any natural remedies for psoriasis?

Nani questioned:

I saw the dermatologist today. What I thought was fingernail fungus is psoriasis.

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Natural Acne Tips And Treatments – Save Your Skin And Money

Helen Hecker questioned:

Keeping your skin clear doesn’t have to be a trying experience with so many cheaper natural treatments available today. Below are some helpful, cheap tips on what to do to keep your acne under control and keep your skin clear. The problem with most acne treatments and acne products is […]

Psoriasis Treatment at last !

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The Psoriasis Breakthrough is an e-book by a well-known UK author Mark Anastasi that reveals the right cause of Psoriasis. Traditional medicine fights the symptoms of the psoriasis, but never deals with the root causes of the problem.

In The Psoriasis Breakthrough you will learn the truth about psoriasis and […]

Fast Psoriasis Relief Treatment

eN922uZ5 questioned: Relieves itching and scaling of psoriasis. Instantly starts to control flaking of dry skin. For the control of Seborrheic Dermatitis. Leaves your skin soft and smooth.

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scalp psoriasis?

Carly L questioned:

Does any person have any home remedies for being paid rid of scalp psoriasis

Psoriasis Product Reviews

what is this on my legs?

metal_babe1243 questioned:

ok, i have Guttate psoriasis and there is something on the inside of both my legs that isnt guttate psoriasis, its a bid red patch that burns when run rubs against it, besides that it doesnt hurt too terrible, could it be another type or psoriasis? a rash? something totaly different??