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Any advice on treating psoriasis on face and scalp?

Toad Face questioned:

I get psoriasis on my scalp, and on the bridge of my nose- What is ther best ointment or cream to help treat psoriasis on the head? Scalp psoriasis is appalling, as it causes severe dandruff, and itches like crazy. The best cure for that (for me) is shaving my […]

Psoriasis And Its Possible Treatments

Louise Forrest questioned:

Psoriasis is a long lasting, chronic skin ailment characterized by inflammation and scaling of outer layer of skin. The symptoms of psoriasis are chronic skin rash condition with a red or silver color and the skin has blisters.

The symptoms of having the disease are recurring attacks of skin rashes, […]

Can psoriasis be caused by products with sodium laureth sulfate?

katelyniscoool questioned:

I have never been to a dermatologist for it because my dad, uncle, cousin and sister have it too. But I was spraying my hair with detangler when I accidently got some on my face and it burned and turned red with bumps, sort of like what psoriasis looks like when […]

Is there any medicine with equal efficency of Enbrel 25mg in India?

Ashim C questioned:

Enbrel25mg(Etenercept) is used for treatment of Ankylising Spondolities.


scalp psoriasis treatments?

Miss Tee questioned:

does anyone know anything that will help scalp psoriasis?

i really need some help its irritating me so terrible!! Thanks for all ur answers!! xx

Psoriasis Cream

Hi, has anyone tried the Raptiva injection or Enbrel injection for Psoriasis?

JB questioned:

If so how did they find it? Did you have any nasty side-effects? I’m really sick of it, tried loads of treatments……


how safe are tanning beds?

sweetmaree questioned:

I have very terrible psoriasis, quit going to the tanning salon last year because I went for ten years- 3or 4 times a week for twenty minutes per conference, and was worried about being paid skin cancer. My doctor just said i should go back- go twice a week for ten […]


aplemons80 questioned:

I have psoriasis. anyone know any excellent home remedies to treat it?

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