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How do I treat scalp Eczema Psoriasis Naturally?

rena k questioned:

The dermatologist gave me stuff that I just do not want to use. I would like an answer from a name who knows shape and knows of an alternative that worked for them. Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend a good cure for Psoriasis?

SUPER-GLITCH questioned:

Just in the hair line on the neck – its driving me crazy???!? ?


Will using a tanning bed help with fibromyalgia?

nonnaluv questioned:

I have pain in nearly every joint and the doc believes it is fibromyalgia and my husband thought that using the tanning bed will help ease the pain because of the heat. A guy he works with has psoriasis and he uses a tanning bed to help that.

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How did I get Psoriasis of the scalp?

Student02 questioned:

I have had scalp Psoriasis in view of the fact that I was in the fourth grade, there has not been one day when I can run my hand through my hair and a bunch of white stuff/flakes doesn’t come raining out. It is exceptionally annoying. But now I wonder how […]

Can someone tell me how to treat psoriasis by home remedy?

CY questioned:

looking for natural cure

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Psoriasis issues?

Chick-a-Dee questioned:

I have had psoriasis on my scalp in view of the fact that I was about 10. It has gotten really itchy, even with a perscription. Does anyone have it and uses at home remedies that halp control flaking and/or itching? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!! BTW, I am currently […]

Have you ever cured your own psoriasis?

etheesdad™ questioned:

IM 36 and have had psoriasis for 20 years. these days Im on retinoids and have uv therapy 2-3 times a week. I have plaques on my knees, lower legs, elbows and back.

Im feeling a bit fed up with it at the second. therefore this question.

Ever had […]

The Psoriasis Boot Camp Launches

There is a new psoriasis treatment program that just opened this week called the Psoriasis BootCamp. This is a very unique new program developed by the author of Say Goodbye to Psoriasis, Jim Longnecker.

The bootcamp is an intensive 30 day web based program that utilizes the treatment program outlined in the Say Goodbye to […]