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is the disese psoriasis for skin can be cured. if there is nay remedy for it then please tell me?

babe questioned:

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Does my baby have psoriasis?

My son is 5 months ancient and I noticed the other day when we were outside that he had set alight yellow spots on his head. I have psoriasis and it's on my head so I've never really seen what it looks like.

my son have this? I thought maybe his hair just wasn't life […]

Anyone have a baby with psoriasis?

mw questioned:

My husband has psoriasis and has a family description of it. I recently noticed several patches on my baby (on his legs, back and arms) of what looks like psoriasis. My baby is 4.5 months ancient and of course I’m hoping it’s not psoriasis. I’m slathering on the lotion (hoping it’s […]

tattoos and psoriasis?

burntglitter questioned:

I have psoriasis that will not go away. I’ve been told that any trauma to the skin could cause my psoriasis to flair up in that spot. I go tanning every other day to try and keep it under control, it’s supposed to help. Has anyone dealt with this before? Will […]

Does anyone know any home remedy recipes for psoriasis?

fairy_tale_dreams questioned:

I have had psoriasis for over 2 years now and it is spreading all over my body. I’m tired of using creams and injections provided by the doctor that don’t help. Does anyone have a recipe that I could try or know of a website with remedy information?

Say Goodbye to […]

Getting the Most Out of Psoriasis Topical Treatments

Most people suffering with psoriasis use any an over-the-counter or prescription medication to relieve the the itching, inflammation, and scale buildup caused by the condition.

The three most prescribed prescriptions are Ultravate, Clobetaol Propionate, and Dovonex. The first two are corticosteroids and Dovonex is a synthetic version of Vitamin D. They all cost around $80 […]

Can psoriasis never be cured?

for the past two years i am having a teriible thing on my scalp.

it is a pimple kind of thing which pains.

that it bursts or what god knows.

that there are white rough cuticles around some stands of hair.

the white thing turns brown-black and even as brushing my hair comes out. I […]

I have nail psoriasis, and was wondering if you can get fake nails for men, that will be hard to detect?

It's just that I have an overseas conference to attend in a couple of weeks, where i'll do a lot of networking, and i'm concerned that my hideous nails will place people off (despite it life completely non-contagious, some people are too quick to judge.that's life). Is it possible for a man to get fake […]