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I was diagnosed with psoriasis 4 yrs ago.Around the same time my skin & scalp became oily. Is this related?

Addison Fox questioned:

Previous to my diagnosis I always had normal skin and my scalp wasn’t oily. Now I have to wash my face and reapply makeup during my lunch hour to deal with my greasy skin and there is no way I could go more than a day without washing my hair. […]

Looking for home remedies for psoriasis?

KELLY Y questioned:

Hi, I need results for this psoriasis all over my legs. prescriptions are to expensive w/o shape insurance, please help me w/anything that works. I have tried just about all. Thanks

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What will happen if i leave my psoriasis alone?

metal_babe1243 questioned:

my family isnt excellent on money and i was told by my doctor it would be better to go to a skin specialist for my psoriasis, what will happen if i dont? if i dont do anything for my psoriasis, what will happen?

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Trying To Solve Psoriasis Naturally

John Furnem questioned:

Skin problems are major concerns for all individuals. Why not, if these skin problems will make you look hideous, aptly? A person always dwells on his or her beauty and a case of psoriasis will not make sense. Psoriasis is a skin condition that needs careful attention. If you get […]

I have psoriasis on my scalp?

i have psoriasis on my scalp and i was just wondering is there any excellent products that can treat it? thanks x

Does having a scalp treatment help prevent psoriasis?

jax p questioned:

I had psoriais before and I reckon it might be popping up again, Im thinking if I get a scalp treatment it will help before it gets worse.. and what exactly is a scalp treatment used for anyways?

Psoriasis Product Reviews

Will the Army take me if I have a chronic skin condition?

Franzia Kafka questioned:

I’m a 22-year-ancient girl who’s suffered from chronic guttate psoriasis/strep throat infections my entire life. In spite of the skin condition, I have no distress with physical endeavor or staying generally healthy. I’m curious as to whether the Army would take me because of this shape issue if I was […]

What is the recurrence rate of psoriasis ?

Beurself questioned:

Psoriasis is an allergic reaction triggered by many factors such as unhealthy diet, no exercise, & stress. But if it ihas been treated, then will it recurr? In view of the fact that it is an allergic reaction it might be re-triggered by the allergant. Is this right?

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