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can u get enbrel without going to a dermatalogist?

ronald b questioned:

i reckon i spelled it aptly it might be embrel….

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guttate psoriasis?

Emily R questioned:

i am nearly fully recovered from a 7-month battle with guttate psoriasis induced by a severe strep infection. my rash is gone in most places, but there is a lack of skin tan where each one was. is there a quick way to somehow renovate melanin to these areas? thanks […]

could this effect my husbands sperm.?

my husband has psoriasis and has to use topical steroid creams when it flares up(which is most of the time). could this effect the shape and count of his sperm? could his small guys be defective? i am going to question the doctor, but just wondering if anyone has dealt with something like this before.


psoriasis arthritus question?

derbyboy questioned:

i contracted guttate psoriasis 10yrs ago and have’nt had it in view of the fact that and am wondering what the chances of me being paid psoriasis athritus when am grown-up? or is psoriasis arthritus more related to the patchy tablet psoriasis?

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John Pen questioned:

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder afflicting about four million Americans. It is characterized by red and itchy patches with silver skin flakes. The excellent news is that it is not contagious; the terrible news is it can cause you much discomfort, and shame, especially if it worsens.

Usually, it […]

Does anyone know what works to treat psoriasis?

hot like me questioned:

Its a type of dry skin and I have had it in view of the fact that childhood. I don’t have medical insurance so I can’t go to the doctor. Tanning beds used to work but they don’t anymore. Please help!!!

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Psoriasis suffers-help please?

I have had psoriasis for years, scalp, and feet mainly, and have it more or less under control.but after a very terrible and stressful month, (my husband had a heart attack in front of me and nearly died, and I have had other family worries) the psoriasis has flared up on my face, around my […]

Folks with scalp psoriasis: Treatments that have worked well for you?

Franzia Kafka questioned:

My scalp psoriasis has begun to flare up again after many years (I’ve had severe to moderate psoriasis in view of the fact that I was a baby) and I’m flaking nearly every day. It’s being paid exceptionally annoying and bothersome. I’m currently using prescription salicylic acid in mineral oil […]