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Is it insulting to give your friend who suffers from Arthritic psoriasis a highly emollient lotion?

~~~Bethany~~~ questioned:

She is really a excellent excellent friend of mine. We grew up collectively, she revealed tome that she has arthritic psoriasis. I want to help alleviate her pain somehow. I want to give her a care package with a body butter, arthritic ointment and tea, is this a excellent thought?

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How can I get awat with those white pigment on my skin after the scaley red rash(psoriasis) healed already?

wonderful crazy questioned:

I have psoriasis and everytime the red scaly rash already healed there’s this white pigment left on my skin(cause my skin is tan*not perfect*) what can i do so that i can get away with it? are there any creams whatsoever?

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eBook Review – Say Goodbye to Psoriasis II

Reviewed by Susan Day

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis II is an updated version of the original book which was released in September 2003, by Jim Longnecker, in Austin, Texas.  The book features a multi-faceted approach for treating psoriasis by natural earnings.

Jim had suffered from moderate to severe psoriasis for over 25 years […]

How can I find a doctor that will help me cure my psoriasis if I don’t have health insurance?

Tara questioned:

I have a large psoriasis lesion on my face, and 7 more on my scalp. It is affecting my daily life, most people are repulsed when they look at me, so I try not to go out as much. I am currently unemployed, and lacking the confidence needed for my job […]

what is the best cure and remedy for psoriasis?

raj kamath questioned:

Is psoriasis curable permanentaly and how long it may take if it is in the starting stage.

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How do you treat psoriasis in a humid climate?

mitchmmi questioned:

psoriasis has flared up in the tropics..treatment and healing thoughts..internaly and externaly..advice anyone? I currently use tar soap and Tgel shampoo and from the chemist called psor-asist cream.. it works ok, but heat and damp arent helping, any other thoughts?

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what are the home remedy for BP and Psoriasis?

N T questioned:

My friend is having both BP and Psoriasis and therefore please give me a home remedy which is excellent for boththese problems sice most medecines for psoriasis interferes with BP


What to use for skin and scalp psoriasis?

~ Trying to loose weight ~ questioned:

I have it really terrible on my scalp and also on my face now help what do I do!!!!! what can I use for over the counter!!! thanks

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