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how do you lessen face and nail psoriasis?

moonbeam17_101 questioned:

need sister has face and nail there any natural way to cure or lessen it (like oil or soap) in view of the fact that the dermatologist has been prescribing steroids and it causes pimples even if it cures the psoriasis.tnx.

Psoriasis Cure

Can my psoriasis cause my weird foot symptoms ?

Nirmala questioned:

Every morning when I get up, but still in bed, there is this “burning ” feeling in both soles of my feet. Once I start walking, the feeling disapppears. I wonder if this is related to my psoriasis ?

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Does anyone know of a good medication for managing psoriasis?

I’m already using a topical prescription medicine (a foam) from my doctor. It helps a small but does nothing to keep new ones from coming out.

a name knows of a homeopathic remedy or a newer type of prescription that I could question my doctor for.

I Are their any new treatments available for psoriasis on the scalp?

Jenni questioned:

I have suffered with this condition for many yearsand thought there might be some new products available.I am currently using Elocon.

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Will I ever?

tarshbn questioned:

I have psoriasis and my question is, will I ever find a guy who won’t be turned off by my skin. I’ve never had any say that is the reason they have been turned off but they’ll be all over me until they see the plaques.


Rash that looks like psoriasis but apparently isn’t. Any ideas?

KBKIDZ questioned:

My sister has developed a rash around her groin area, under her breasts and on her arms and legs. It isn’t blistery, but kind of flakey. We have psoriasis in the family but the doctor says it’s not this. He has tried her on an antibiotic, an anti-fungal cream and a […]

Scalp psoriasis.any solution apart from Nizoral?

The Naked Chef questioned:

I currently use Nizoral shampoo for my psoriais, but as soon as i stop using it once a week it comes back. Is there any other alternative that’s cheaper and milder?

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis

Are there any dietary supplement to help with psoriasis?

yesterday questioned:

I have severe psoriasis of the scalp and regularly use a coal tar based shampoo but it doesnt seem to be working lately. I have used it for years and it usually keeps the psoriasis pretty much under control. I dont know why I seem to only have it in my […]