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I have plaque psoriasis, does desoximetasone and triamcinolone creams work the same?

danman2_2999 questioned:

I was first prescribed desoximetasone, which seemed to work excellent, but was very expensive. I was then prescribed triamcinolona cream, and I was wondering if anyone know if one was better or what. Thanks!

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Is there anything I can do about the swelling in my toe due to psoriatic arthritis?

rigney64 questioned:

I have psoriatic arthritis, which I take Enbrel for. It really helps, but I still have swelling in my huge toe. Want to find out it there is anyway I can relieve this.

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i have scalp psoriasis and a fungus infection?

xRx3xDx questioned:

i was given 2 different medications for both but it doesn’t seem to be helping… the fungus infection ,i believe it’s called, is on the back of my neck and is extremly dry and red and burns like hell… both skin conditions hurt even more after i place the medicine on […]

does anyone no if there is a treatment or medication that clears scalp psoriasis?

tsibley26 questioned:

i have very terrible psoriasis on my scalp that has been there 10 years and nothing i have tryed has ever made a difference HELP!!! im looking for something to clear it for excellent please

Psoriasis Product Reviews

Psoriasis remedies?

frank p questioned:

Any proven remedies for psoriasis?


Eczema and Psoriasis – An Inexpensive and Effective Treatment

Peter Thwart questioned:

The purpose of this article is to tell the world what I have learned from my own personal experience about an inexpensive and effective treatment for eczema. Because psoriasis is a very similar affliction, there’s a excellent chance that this treatment would be effective for psoriasis too. Eczema is a […]

what is the best treatment for psoriasis?

trigg5718 questioned:

it doesnt topic if it is an oral med. or a topical med. just what works the best.

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Does anyone have any helpful information for someone with Severe Plaque Psoriasis? I can’t control it?

jasonb5311 questioned:

I am really no excellent at regimens and work alot. I hardly have time for anything. I have tried to keep moisturized and take omega vitamins and it doesn’t help. I need something simple and effective. Any suggestions?

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