Psoriasis Cure

Psoriasis Free For Life


Is their a cure for psoriasis?

Hollywood Man questioned:

I am not looking for a theory but a name who had it and is now gone!


Psoriasis Help?

Hilldabeast questioned:

I have suffered from psoriasis my total life. When I was small it started on the back of my leg and worked it way up my thigh. As I got grown-up, It started to spred more. Id get patches on my knees or elbows and it was nothing that creams or […]

Psoriasis Treatment Made Possible With Soriatane and Tazorac

Adam Frazer questioned:

Before we embark upon finding the treatment for psoriasis, it is very essential to know what is really meant by ‘psoriasis’.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory long-term non- contagious skin disease. It is a chronic or recurring condition which can spread from a localised patch to the entire body. The exact […]

Is there any new remedy for psoriasis that actually works?

pastorlyndal questioned:

This is on my scalp so hair covers it.

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will my RA flare up if I miss 1 weekly dose of enbrel?

pat questioned:

I’m doing splendid on Enbrel with methx but Dr wants me to skip a week in view of the fact that I have shingles. I am worried I will go into a flare if I miss my weekly shot. Has anyone had to miss a shot and how did it go? […]

apple cider vinegar help with psoriasis on the scalp?

darlin12009 questioned:

i saw an answer to a question, didnt star it, now can find it. i told of how a name used it to clear psoriasis by dabbing on her scalp and drinking it mixed with water? does anyone have this information? momentously appreciate it..

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis […]

i had an outreak of guttate psoriasis, please contimue below,?

gorman321 questioned:

and i was recomended strong topical steroids and occulsion (wrapping a bandage around the treated area), im pleased to report that i have been symptom free for over a year now but due to my harsh treatment the skin on my arms and legs are very red. i also have a […]