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psoriasis help?

philo_bedo questioned:

what’s a excellent medicine/remedy to get rid of psoriasis. its itching like crazy, and cortasone doesn’t seem to work anymore.

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Today is World Psoriasis day (Sunday 29th October)?

Ernest S questioned:

World Psoriasis day Sunday 27th October

Psoriasis sufferers all over the world will today be united in knowing that their suffering is life recognised.

IPsoriasis sufferers should try this all natural skin remedy, it may not help every case, but the testimonials to its effectiveness is certainly worth a read. […]

Has anyone tried to use Enbrel for psoriasis?

Kyra T questioned:

My dermatologist prescribed me Enbrel and it was ordinary. I have yet to pick it up at the pharmacy, I was just curious is anyone out there uses it & what their results are? It’s completely paid for by my insurance. Only have a small copay for 3 months supply. […]

has anyone with psoriasis ever tried.?

exorex? i have seen a few articles in magazines where people have used it and they claim it has helped them with their psoriasis! or how about oregon grape root? neither of them come cheap if you have used any of them how have they worked for you? hay guys thanx for all your answers..i […]

Is there a safe treatment for psoriasis? how long does it take to cure ?

santochan J questioned:

My finger nails are being paid deshaped and detached from the nail beds, there is a powder formation underneath the nails, there is also a white scales formation on one of my thighs.This has been diagnosed as a type of psoriasis. Is there a treatment which is certain and free […]

Any homeopathic remedies for psoriasis?

LilMissLunatic [YummyMummy2be] questioned:

The creams I’ve tried have never worked and now its gettin so terrible its on my face, this is terrible news for me coz sometimes I do a bit of modelling for my friend whos doing a photography degree. I was just wondering if theres anything else I could do […]

What has been your experience with biological modifiers (remicade, enbrel, humira) for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

NT questioned:

I have been taking MTX for about 1 year and started Remicade about 4 months ago (I have received 5 infusions so far). For the first couple months the Remicade seemed to work amazingly but for the last 2 months or so I take up again to have pain and stiffness […]

Do you have dry skin ,eczema ,psoriasis ? Then I have somthing you should try?

omega.concepts questioned:

Splendid new product that works really excellent.

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