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msthang questioned:

Are there any home remedies that help treat psoriasis I have had it for five years and the dermitologist hasn’t perscribed anything that works for me yet. Once the medicine does start working it abruptly quits I am being paid very frustrated a name please help. It is very severe and […]

emu oil is professed to contain many remedies to aging, rheumatoid, psoriasis, eczema and keloid. Is this tru

Frankie questioned:

Clinical test had been carried by a certain scientist and doctors Peter Gosh, Michael Whitehouse, Michael Dawson and Athol Turner. A US patent was released in July 1995. Can this be got? Thanks Has the use of this oil any side effects.

Psoriasis […]

A 90% Cancer Cure Diet using Flaxseed Oil Cottage Cheese?

A 90% Cancer Cure Diet using Flaxseed Oil Cottage Cheese?

Remedies for Topical Psoriasis?

Art questioned:

Any excellent over the counter remedies for Topical Psoriasis (scalp)?

Not sure why this year it seems worse…Weather? Allergies?

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Psoriasis: Treatment According to Symptoms Types

Adam Frazer questioned:

Psoriasis is a skin disease which severely affects skin and joints. Generally, patient suffering from this disease have red scaly patches over the skin, these patches are known as plaques. Excessive cell production on the psoriasis affected area is the cause of tablet generation and inflammation. Sometime the tablet also […]

how do i get rid of dark discoloration from psoriasis on my legs?

jarkm00 questioned:

i went through set alight treatment to get rid of the psoriasis on my body but it has left me with dark marks where the rashes used to be. is there anyway that i can get rid of these marks naturally?

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Detoxification For Psoriasis: An Overview

Sandra Kim Leong questioned:

You may wish to consider detoxification for psoriasis to help keep your skin disorder under control. After all, there is no known conventional cure for psoriasis but there are a few alternative ways to help reduce the intensity of your skin eruptions.

According to naturopathic doctors, treating psoriasis can […]