Psoriasis Cure

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does natures sunshine eczema psoriasis cure the nail fungus?

r m questioned:

I just started taking this, but not sure if it will really work on my toe nail’s fungus.

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Andrea B questioned:

Does anyone know any over the counter remedies for psoriasis?? This winter has really affected mine and I have tried certain over the counter treatments with no luck.


cure for psoriasis? information about this diseas?

eiad_z questioned:

how to cure, reduce the intensity of this disease?

Psoriasis Cure

What do you use if your psoriasis is all over your entire body?

madame butterfly questioned:

I have psoriasis all over from my head to my toes and don’t know what to use for it. The doctor only gave me ointment for it and I just can’t see putting it in my hair or in obscene places. I am all stressed out about all and about […]

Hair Loss – Its Causes & Treatment

Corwin Brown questioned:


The normal hair growth cycle lasts usually for the period of 2 to 6 years. During this cycle, everyday there will be shedding of few hairs. Some people will experience more than normal falling of hair and this type of hair loss is very common among men, women […]

Cure for Psoriasis ?

Telmah questioned:

Has anyone tried Jim Longnecker’s cure for Psoriasis and if so did it work or were you the 0.01% that it didn’t work for.


Can I get a tattoo if I have scalp psoriasis?

Ellie questioned:

I want to get a small tattoo on my ankle and I have scalp psoriasis. I’ve never had any outbreaks anywhere else so should it be safe to get a tattoo on my ankle?

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis

Has anyone used Enbrel for your psoriasis?

yrunosy questioned:

I am being paid ready to start enbrel for my psoriaisis. I want to know how it worked for you or what worked for you. I am being paid married in Dignified and want to have clear skin for my wedding.