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Psoriasis Got you Down?

John Russell questioned:

Psoriasis is a dermatology inflammation (inherited) that causes cells to grow too quickly. Dermatology textbooks describe psoriasis as skin producing thick red patches often covered with silvery scales. These can occur on most parts of the body but are commonest on knees, elbows, scalp, hands, feet, or lower back (dermatology […]

Hi, any body who is suffering from guttate psoriasis or mild psoriasis?

destinysbuddy questioned:

Anyone who is suffering from mild to low tablet or guttate psoriasis and is cured ,please answer me… I am having some spots on my hands and legs… How to get rid of them..What food should we eat and what not to? I smoke and drink mildly… Thanks for the excellent […]

i am on enbrel methotrexate and pain pills for arthritis will it work?

aim questioned:

just the methotrexate dont work so the doc place me on enbell too it can take up to 3 month to work . i will be on my 3rd month in 3 days iam not feeling all that better what else is there to help????(i have rhuematoid arthritis)

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Enbrel and Menstrual Periods?

:..WIzDOM..: questioned:

I have been taking enbrel prefilled syringe (50mg).. So far I have been taking it for 2 weeks (once a week). After I took my first shot i started my mentrual and I have been on it for 10 days know. I have been medium to set alight everyday. I was […]

Does anyone know any remedies for psoriasis ?

Flick J questioned:

I haven’t had a flare up in over a year but just the other night I noticed quite a few spots of it appearing on my back, would like away by xmas so I can wear backless tops. I know there is no cure but does anyone know of any […]

Anyone tried enbrel (etanercept) for treating rheumatoid arthritis?

BOWA questioned:

What did you like/dislike about it? Did it help you? What were the side effects you experienced? How long did it take before feeling better?

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Can drinking urine really cure Psoriasis?

Marsh questioned:

can Drinking of urine and external application of urine solve the skin related disorders?

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Any one attack psoriasis or arthritis ? Now its totaly cure?

kamalisethu questioned:

I dicovered one herb.It totaly cured psoriasis and arthritis. Daily i give treatments only 3 to 5 patients. This treatment totaly different.Around the world this diesease are only controled not curable.But i totaly cure it