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Is it Psoriasis?

James B questioned:

I have white rough patches on my both inner thighs from 5 years. in the beginning they are small bit small and now grown dual. and my skin turning like white powder (not powder exactly, tiny tiny pieces) and falling daily.. and also itching some times.

because of this my […]

How can you cure Scalp psoriasis?

Queenjustice17 questioned:

I’ve tried the medicated prescription shampoos and it only helps alleviate the “scales” for a couple of days. Is there a natural way of being paid rid of psoriasis? I’ve heard of swimming in the Dead Sea and direct sunlight.


Does anyone know a good holistic shampoo that can help my psoriasis?

Shawna S questioned:

Ever in view of the fact that I grew my hair long, I have increased psoriasis on my scalp, especially on the back of my head. Cutting my hair small is not an option because when it is small I get too many comments about looking boyish. Aptly now I […]

psoriasis. help?

pants1610 questioned:

My daughter has psoriasis on her scalp. All the shampoos the doctor prescribes don’t seem to work. She has recently started lesser school and is embarressed by the huge flakes falling onto her black blazer. Any suggestions or herbal remedies?

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis […]

My psoriasis is getting really bad on my arms?

Georgiana-Rose Lucille questioned:

I’ve been applying creams and eating really healthy and nothing is working I have had psoriasis in view of the fact that I was seven and nothing has ever really helped I’m being paid really frustrated because everyone always looks at my arms because they are practically covered from my […]

please help?

nicoLe questioned:

I was curious in asking this question to find out if any person has tablet psoriasis… and if they can highly reccomend any creams, pills, injectionsns anything that has helped them clear up or improve with their skin…? I would momentously appriciate any help at all… Also, has anyone bought those […]

Methotrexate & psoriasis. Should i take it?

Ben R questioned:

8 weeks ago I got a sore throat and a week and a half later i had red lesions all over me. after life diagnosed with guttate psoriasis and using tar topicals for 5 weeks, it has progressed into a worse form of psoriasis and a lot more coverage. It […]

Plaque psoriasis – red scaly patches 20 years plus – advice please?

Specsy questioned:

My partner has suffered from tablet psoriasis continuously for over 20 years. He has large, red, scaly patches that don’t itch and it has never gone into remission. He has read recently that it would be normal for it sometimes to go into remission so he’s surprised that it never has. […]