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Does psoriasis inhibit healing?

KnottedBrain questioned:

If I happen to get cut in an area affected by tablet psoriasis, will it take longer to heal than normal skin?

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I am 99 per cent sure I read that Enbrel for R.A. etc. is derived or made from: Chinese Hamster Ovaries: read

Brown Eyed Susan questioned:

Did any of you read that? (Enbrel –hope i’ve spelled it correctly) is a med. sometimes used for Rheumatoid Arthritis and my former Rheumalogist was thinking about putting me on Enbrel; I quit going to that Doc for reasons I won’t get into aptly now. — (I guess Enbrel […]

Experiencing Severe Itching of the Scalp? If so, Scalp Psoriasis May be The Problem!

Louise Forrest questioned:

If you have ever experienced dandruff, you will know how much of a nightmare an itchy scalp can be. Constant scratching, pieces of dry, flaky skin going everywhere, and trying all kinds of treatments which produce no results at all. It really is frustrating! So, what if you experience these […]

Things You Should Know About Psoriasis

Heather Colman questioned:

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease affecting the skin and joints. When it affects the skin it commonly appears as red scaly elevated patches called plaques. Psoriasis plaques frequently occur on the elbows and knees, but can affect any area of skin including the scalp and genital area. Psoriasis can vary […]

is there any use taking enbrel and methotrexate?

aim questioned:

i have been taking enbrel for 2 months and methotrexate for 10 months it doesnt seen to be working very well, i am still in alot of pain and i swell

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Not Mary questioned:

Hey gang, I’ve suffered from tablet psoriasis for about 6 years now and it’s in the final stages of healing. I use two different creams which are quite helpful – I have also had set alight treatment and used different methods of soaking. Just wondering if anyone has any helpful […]

My baby may have scalp psoriasis.Pediatrition prescribed corticosteroids for past 4 months. Is that right?

George Nelson questioned:

Is that aptly? Does it have to get terrible one day? Or there is chance it will stay mild? She is 19 months now and have very terrible heir in that area is that usuall? Dry hair not growing well? What to expect for her life? Is it going to […]

Anyone know how to treat scalp psoriasis?

ashez92 questioned:

I have a patch of scalp psoriasis in my scalp and I was wondering if anyone has had success using certain products. If you know of products that have help you a splendid deal please let me know. thanks so much!

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