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How Will Genital Psoriasis Affect Me?

Louise Forrest questioned:

Genital Psoriasis shows up as red, shiny skin and it does not have the usual silvery scaling associated with other types of Psoriasis, which appears on other parts of the body such as the back. So how does it affect your life? Genital Psoriasis and You The main concern people […]

I have psoriasis. I use a tanning bed to help. Do I need to do the full 30min or is less better?

happyday questioned:

I will be having total hip replacment surgery done in May. I have a small psoriais spot on my left hip. I need to clear that up asap or they will cancel my surgery. The doctor gave me a lotion to place on twice a day. I’ve done tanning in the […]

Why do so many grown-ups have so little respect for little people?

Or so much disrespect for them should i say? “'1m family' face home violence Family who witness domestic violence could be terribly affected, says Unicef Nearly one million family in the UK could be living with domestic violence, according to a report by the United Nations Family's Fund, Unicef. ” Source: This is not […]

good threatment for psoriasis on the scalp?

neko_ritsuka questioned:

I was wondering if anyone knows any treatment for Psoriasis on the scalp? Mine is pretty terrible and i cant get to my doctor for another 2 more months. I have used T-Gel, metrogel (metronidazole gel 1%) Psoriasin gel and scalpicin. But nothing seems to work. anyone have any more thoughts?


Know the Symptoms of Psoriasis for Immediate Treatment

Nigel questioned:

If you suspect a member of your family, a close friend or you yourself endure from psoriasis, it is useful to be able to recognise the symptoms of psoriasis so that you can get the aptly type of medical treatment that is needed to control the different kinds of psoriasis manifestations […]

Do any foods cause psoriasis? What can I change in my diet to prevent psoriasis?

Grad Gurl 🙂 questioned:

I endure with psoriasis on my neck. I was wondering, if it can flare up when I eat certain foods? I’ve tried ointments but nothing is working. I couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment until mid-March. What can I do to help myself now?

Start a video blog […]

hi there does any1 have a cure 4 psoriasis pls ?

jamee t questioned:

i have very terrible psoriasis what is the best thing 2 use ?

Psoriasis Cure

my wife desperately needs a remedy for psoriasis, the “specialists” don’t seem to have anything that works.

bejabbers2003 questioned:

any advice would be momentously appreciated, she has a couple of substantial patches on her scalp and several on her arms and fingers…

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