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What do you use to control psoriasis?

tedfromwi questioned:

I’ve used a lot of the store bought creams and roll-ons. Tanning helps but I may have skin cancer if I keep it up. The doctor said their is some shot but I’m concerned about the results and side effects. Just wondering what some people use to control their psoriasis. Thanks!


I was diagnosed with psoriasis/seborrhoeic dermatitis on my scalp?

madgurl911 questioned:

I just picked up my presctiption but I’m not sure if I use all of them at once?

One is the Clobex shampoo that Im supposed to use everyday The other is Desonide Lotion but do i still use it after I shampood with Clobex?

Psoriasis […]

Does china make ENBREL? I want to buy it. What cost is it in china?

Abdul Ghafoor P questioned:

i am going to buy it from US. I know When china makes some things, its cost come low then other countries, i want to know if china makes ENBREL. then where to call for detial to buy from there. i need its, I am patient of AS. Please […]

Enbrel® quit working for me. Anyone else with the same problem?

pastor_fuzz_1 questioned:

Had psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis and was on enbrel®. Had total pain relief and cleared my skin. Now it quit working and all my symptoms are coming back. Any suggestions?

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dry scalp/psoriasis treatment?

rosey questioned:

I have very dry scalp (psoriasis) on my scalp. I have tried innumerable shampoos/conditioners and lidex solution, but it is a constant battle. I know it is a chronic condition. But due to my coarse hair and the psoriasis covering the majority of my scalp, it is very hard for me […]


H’s Mama questioned:

I have psoriasis and I despise it!! Does anyone have any excellent remedies or suggestions to help deal with the physical or mental problems it causes me?

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how does psoriasis spread?

td.young questioned:

i have psoriasis on my arms, its not major but its there! – can it spread? what shall i do to make sure it don’t spread?

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Psoriasis Treatment: Understanding Your Options

Evelyn Lim questioned:

It is vital that you seek an appropriate psoriasis treatment if you have this condition. In severe cases, your joints can be converted into inflamed, which can then result in arthritis. Psoriasis can also cause you to feel depressed. It is a type of skin inflammation that can disable you […]