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Mick Hince questioned:

Psoriasis treatment comes in all forms of pills and potions. Just take a look on the Internet and you will find thousands. The Doctors will prescribe all manner of things of things to stop the itching and the aches and pains, and for the skin that feels like sand document.


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Dr Rajesh Nair questioned:

Psoriasis is an inflammatory, noncontiguous skin disorder due to which, roughness and flush appears with fine silvery scales. Psoriasis can be considered as a imbalance of Vata and Kapha doshas. Irregular food habits, consumption of crop that cannot be eaten collectively (E.g.: milk products with fish), excessive intake of […]

is there any causes for psoriasis?

mani s questioned:

i do not find any permenent remedy for recovery. is there any suggestions to get healed by any other medications or by any other natural ways .

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About psoriasis guttate please answer?

lonely questioned:

Have anyone tried the the Kalawala it’s on if any one cured from guttate psoriasis please tell me.

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Does anyone know anything about laser treatments and enbrel for psoriasis?

Christine questioned:

Well i’ve had psoriasis in view of the fact that I was five years ancient and irrevocably when I was 15 I went to a dermatologist. He prescribed stuff like Colbex and Desonide. Well those aren’t working on me and he’s telling me that we need to go on a laser […]

Are there any foods that you need to avoid when takung enbrel?

alanalan868 questioned:

Any other outside forces or major side effects or cautions


COLLOIDAL SILVER for psoriasis?

Patricia L questioned:

Has anyone heard that colloidal silver helps to treat psoriasis?

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Psoriasis Is Avoidable How would you get the truth out?

stirling_strauss questioned:

The causative factors of psoriasis is known, irrefutable facts how psoriasis is formed, the why. How would you get the truth out to public and stop the myth that psoriasis can’t be avoided ? The web site is already there

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