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Anyone know any good treatments for psoriasis?

Lola questioned:

I have suffered with it for yrs but it developed into guttate psoriasis over 2yrs ago,its manageable on most areas except my face & scalp,i seem to be havin very terrible spells on my face recently & its making me very self conscious coz i can see people starin at it […]

Will having Psoriasis keep me from joining the military?

LZB217 questioned:

I’m considering joining the services. Will having a mild case of scalp Psoriasis, a small patch of Psoriasis on my knee on on top of my foot keep me from joining the service?

I noticed online that on the medical questions it questioned if you had Psoriasis.

Serious feedback only. Thank […]

Living a Life With Psoriasis

Domen Lombergar questioned:

Though neither contagious nor a threat to life, Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that flares and remits throughout the life span of its victim. The inflammatory skin condition is triggered off by faulty signals in the immune system. Most common symptoms of Psoriasis encompass patches of raised, ruddy skin […]

How to Naturally Treat Your Psoriasis

Lambert Klein questioned:

Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects how quick skin cells mature and flake off. In a normal skin cell cycle, skin cells take about a month to go from the deepest skin layer to the top skin layer, where they die and flake off. When you have psoriasis, this […]

Looking for help with psoriasis.?

Anyone have any news on new treatments for psoriasis. Im sick of being paid the same ancient ointments etc.

my doctor.

Any psoriasis cures or remedies?

sebe questioned:

I have psoriasis on my scalp and it seems to be worsening…I managed to get rid of it a few years ago by using a cortisone based scalp lotion…but it’s been back for a even as and it seems to be worsening….please help

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Tanning salons/psoriasis?

xxgemini83xx questioned:

I’ve had psoriasis for about 10 years now and recently got another breakout. I’ve tried creams that my doctor prescribed,but they didn’t work. So I was wondering what were some peoples experiences with tanning salons and psoriasis. Does it really help at all? I know the risks of cancer and such,but […]

How to get rid of scalp psoriasis?

KC D questioned:

Hey, I have really terrible psoriasis on my scalp… just wondering if anyone can suggest anything to get rid of it please? I’ve been to the doctors but they haven’t really helped.

Thanks very much for any advice.


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