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Help with psoriasis?

BamaBelle810 questioned:

Does anyone out there endure with psoriasis? What treatments, remedies, or medications do you use? What helps to ease your symptoms or clear them up all collectively? Thank you in advance and all answers will be momentously appreciated. Any home remedies will be appreciated also. Have a splendid day! 🙂

Psoriasis […]

Psoriasis Cure?

martin_zman questioned:

I reckon my psoriasis has something to do with my tonsils. I got strep throat and started being paid breakouts of the disease. None of the topographical creams work, ONLY sunlight and UV treatment. After set alight treatment once a week I have no sign of the disease. Does anyone know […]

Have you found anything that works for scalp psoriasis?

Kimbabub questioned:

I saw someones answer about Champori products, just wanted to see if anyone has tried that. If not then any opinions besides neutrogena would be splendid and without a dermatologist, she has already received a couple of things from one and it helped some but not that splendid. I don’t know […]

hello what is the price for Enbrel in Thailand ?

petit piaf questioned:

the medicine to treat severe psoriasis…

Cure Your Psoriasis Now!

Will there be cure for psoriasis in the near future?

a p questioned:

What are the causes of psoriasis?

Psoriasis – Is There A Cause And A Cure? Part 1.

Peter Nisbet questioned:

Historically, sufferers from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis have been looked at with disgust and ostracized from the upper classes. In fact, the term leper was applied to people with all kinds of unsightly skin conditions, not only leprosy. This loathing towards skin disease is still prevalent today, […]

psoriasis and Enbrel injections?

Silly Mouse questioned:

I have pretty terrible psoriasis and am considering taking the Enbrel injections. Is there any reason that you can tell me NOT to do this ?????

Cure Your Psoriasis Now!

psoriasis on elbows?

GinaD questioned:

I have a mild case of psoriasis on my elbows, any suggestions (besides go see your doctor) on how to alieviate some of the common symptoms?

I have used chortizone cream in the past and it worked, but I just haven’t found time to visit the doc. lately. Any OTC meds […]