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Psoriasis. is there a cure for this in allopathy, homeopathy or ayurvedic?

raj kamath questioned:

my skin of my fingers turns dry and it starts to peel of , it is sometimes painful. what is the remedy for a permanent cure.i have tried innumerable ointment and tablets but of small use.


In reference to Enbrel (for Rheumatoid Arthritis); read on?

Brown Eyed Susan questioned:

I reckon I read that Enbrel is made from Chinese Hamster Ovaries!; I quit going to R A Doc (Rheumalogist) 2 yrs ago; now i just take two 200 mg. of ibuprorion per da for it and i’m doing pretty excellent; hurt much less that I did 2 yrs. […]

Psoriasis? does anyone know a simple remedy for it?

mowgligurl questioned:

i have creams from the doctors and they relieve the itching but i want it to go away. especially now its summertime, i have it on my elbows, knees and dotted around other areas. its so unsightly, i know it could be alot worse, and mine is probably exceptionally minor compared […]

Psoriasis- What Causes Psoriasis?

Cdmohatta questioned:

Any bacteria do not cause psoriasis. No virus or fungus causes it. It is not a contagious disease. There is nothing but body that decides if you will get psoriasis or not. A gene is responsible for psoriasis. Those who have that gene may get psoriasis if it is triggered.

Psoriasis […]

Psoriasis Breaking Point?

jacob b questioned:

I was diagnosed with psoriasis about 10 years ago (when I was 5 – 6 years ancient), I honestly cannot remember a day not having the thick nasty plaques. Anyways it’s being paid worse, much worse. It’s on my back now and it’s starting to hurt and itch. The doctor […]

What medication can I take for Rheumatoid Arthritis that is safe to take while breastfeeding?

KelBean questioned:

the dr. said I cant take up again my Enbrel. I was on Plaquenil but it doesnt work. Don’t say question your dr. because I’m not plotting to see a rheumatologist anytime soon.

Psoriasis Cure

does anyone know a good remedy for psoriasis? other than the obvious, see a doctor?

Rio questioned:

the theme has tried creams…buth otc and prescribed. there is nothing the derma can do, really. does anyone have tips i may pass on that maybe helped you or a name you know…please help..? thank you.

what should I do about psoriasis?

lala questioned:

I am doing psoriasis in view of the fact that 20 years. I did try medical treatment ( octosone) but I want to know if natural remedy can help me to prevent crises or least under control. Thanks.

Psoriasis Cure