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does anyone know the side effects of enbrel?

ashleyo6 questioned:

has anyone used it? did it cause weight gain? hair loss etc. or any major side effects?

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Psoriasis and fake tan?

soni_jimbob questioned:

I have psoriasis on my elbows and have recently used some fake tan. My Tan came out splendid everwhere else but i have been left with white rings around my psoriasis where the tan hasn’t took to my skin.

Has anyone else had this problem and does it still do this […]

Psoriasis questions?

Elaine87 questioned:

I have guttate psoriasis on my arms and on my body with plaques on my elbows and a large patch between my breasts. Last week I saw the doctor who prescribed me Dovonex (Calcipotriol) which I have been using for the past week. The thing is, I reckon it might be […]