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pearl_of_your_ocean questioned:

Does anyone have any advice as to a remedy to severe psoriasis on the scalp?

Psoriasis Bootcamp Program

Does anybody out there have scalp psoriasis and if so how do you deal with it cosmetically?

Momincali questioned:

It is so embarassing to have people looking above your brow.

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Treating Psoriasis?

M questioned:

Despite having Psoriasis for most of my life, more often than not it has never been a huge problem for me. But, the grown-up I get, the worse it seems the condition is being paid. I’ve used topical steroid lotions and moisterisers but with no real long term improvement shown. Anyone […]

how can i get rid of psoriasis?

vinkyk questioned:

i m suffering very terribly i don’t have any oinment if any one have some home remedies now i reckon better to die i can’t take it any more why god didn’t made me like others….i see the people walking on the road without any skin disease i feel very muchdepressed […]

Natural dandruff (and psoriasis) remedy? For course, dry hair and dry scalp?

WinterRose questioned:

Does any person know of any excellent, natural ways to keep dandruff and psoriasis under control?

I’m half black, half asian, and my hair and scalp are really dry and I have dandruff and dry scalp/hair/skin problems. Lately it’s been being paid really terrible, and I want to get this under […]

has anyone tried enbrel for psoriasis?

chefzilla65 questioned:

and if so what are the side effects and does it really work? I was really looking for personal experiences