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Does anyone have any information about enbrel that might have been frozen?

Paul R questioned:

I kept my Enbrel in a fridge , and there is a chance that freezing occured. If anyone has any information about if it’s perilous or if the substance is non potent after freezing please respond asap. im in a unknown country and have no extra viles .

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What is the best natural remedy for severe psoriasis?

mel_sophia questioned:

My Sister is 20 yrs ancient and her psoriasis is so terrible it breaks my heart. She recently developed psoriasis and its controlling her life. She is taking a shot that is killing her immune system. Please I need some natural alternatives!!

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How long will it take for my mild Psoriasis to heal if I apply vitamin e?

alibear questioned:

I have about 10 Psoriasis blotches on my legs and I’ve been following a certain diet, and trying to improve my lifestyle so that I could heal my Psoriasis and prevent it from emerging again.

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Whats the best thing to cure psoriasis?

FIONA M questioned:

My poor mam has just developed psoriasis down the side of her neck. What causes it and how can she get rid of it …If at all.

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Psoriasis, a natural cure?

Eve questioned:

I have very terrible psoriasis as a complication of an intestinal disease which causes me to not absorb nutrients correctly. I’m looking for something NATURAL that helps relieve the symptoms. I’m on a gluten-free diet now, and would like more suggestions to do with diet, possibly aromatherapy mixes or natural products […]

do you shave off psoriasis plaques from your body?

notasflaky questioned:

I often wonder if shaving off thick psoriasis plaques from your body will keep them from coming back…

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Anybody have any good home remedies for Psoriasis?

Trying to figure things out! questioned:

My niece is 3 years ancient and has a patch of it on her scalp and I also have a upset of it on my knees and elbows. They have tried a medicated shampoo for her but it doesn’t seem to be working. I have also tried […]

Are there any good over the counter remedies to help soothe psoriasis?

Barack the Vote questioned:

Nothing seems to help improve the psoriasis except tropical climates, do any of you know of a topical ointment that may help at least soothe it a bit?

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