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Does anyone know of a cheap home remedy for psoriasis? (a common, non-contagious, inflammatory skin disease)?

Lauralene questioned:

This causes itchy, scaly patches. For me it is on my hands and wrists. It is more annoying, painful and itchy then anything. I have seen a couple specialists, but they have both tried the same 2 things and it doesn’t work. Does anyone know of anything that can help?

Caffeinated […]

How Acupuncture Can Help Psoriasis

Annie Beal questioned:

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that produces scaly skin that is rather unsightly. Surprisingly, many people with psoriasis are able to find relief with acupuncture. Because of its unsightliness – even to close family members, when psoriasis flares up it makes a problem. It can affect rather small patches […]

what’s the best way to deal with psoriasis? how can i cure this?

Serafin B questioned:

i’ve consulted dermatologists but they give different treatment procedures…please help


is it safe to take Enbrel which breast feeding?

KelBean questioned:

Enbrel is in category B which earnings safe for the unborn baby. But what about pregnancy?

Psoriasis Bootcamp Program

I’m looking for a shampoo that is good for my scalp. I suffer from psoriasis. And i’m wondering if there is an

leedsfan88 questioned:

y type of shampoo that is excellent for one who has psoriasis on the scalp

Thanks in advance

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Looking for naturopaths who could treat psoriatic arthritis in Sacramento without Enbrel?

Lina M questioned:

My young son is on Enbrel for arthritis. His uncle had psoriatic arthritis also and had been on Enbrel for 3 years, then had cancer 3 months ago. He died last week from it. His doctors thought Enbrel caused the cancer. We’re looking for doctors to give alternative treatment without […]

my scalp psoriasis won’t go away. I hate having people touch my hair?

knumnick questioned:

i have psoriasis all over my scalp… I despise having people upset my head and hair… some places the psoriasis is worst than other places. what did you do to help get rid of your psoriasis? what prescriptions did you use? what worked? i need to question my doc questions when […]

What Is The Difference Between Eczema and Psoriasis

Evelyn Lim questioned:

Skin problems can give one a lot of discomfort. And the very first thing you need to do to treat any kind of skin problem is to identify what type of condition you are really having. Your doctor can diagnose your illness and recommend genteel medication. It also vital for […]