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Tetrasil as a cure for Psoriasis?

uneasy questioned:

I searched thru the NET and found this Tetrasil, a topical ointment that claims to be a cure for certain skin diseases especially Psoriasis? Is it safe and do you know anyone that have used it on PSORIASIS and is healed???? I’m asking these questions because I am plotting to buy […]

Remedies for both exzema and psoriasis?

laura v questioned:

My 50 year ancient father has in the last couple of months developed what must be eczema or psoriasis. Under his beard there have developed scaley patches that are very itchy. He stopped using the beard dye but the patches remain, and there is now a patch emerging on his […]

I have hyperthyroid which creates obesity and insomia.please suggests me remedies for controlling thyroid?

niki p questioned:

Really I have hyperthyroid and psoriasis. My physician says that it has terrible affect on shape in future. I can see the clear symtoms of thyroid.I am suffering from obesity, and insomia as well as dark circles as.I tried lots of remedies but all in vain.I am very depressed and […]

Causes And Prevention Of Psoriasis

Louise Forrest questioned:

Among the entire gamut of skin diseases, psoriasis is most prevalent. This is an acute skin disorder, which generally afflicts people in the westernized developed countries. Psoriasis is a persistent skin eruption that is often genetically inherited.

Apart from the genetically disorders, there are several other reasons contribute to […]

Psoriasis Treatments and Psoriasis Resources

Wayne Mcdonald questioned:

Psoriasis is not contagious but can be inherited. Research indicates that the disease may result from a disorder in the immune system. Currently, there is no cure for psoriasis. But, there are many treatment options that can clear psoriasis for a period of time. What is Psoriasis? Typically psoriasis sufferers […]

Nutritional/herbal supplments for psoriasis?

peachi questioned:

I am looking to take extra supplements for my psoriasis and was wondering if anyone has had any excellent experiences with a fastidious one.

I am taking Selenium, and all the usual Omegas, Vit D etc. But I have heard that Gota Kola is excellent as it helps the skin.

And […]

Yes, There Is Now Nontoxic, Clinically Proven Help For Psoriasis

Darrell Miller questioned:

Psoriasis, which has recently be converted into established as a disease of the immune system, is currently thought by medical professionals to be a condition for which no treatment can offer permanent remission even as maintaining the patient’s quality of life. Most treatments today only offer a temporary remission and […]

what can I use to feel relief and see results from psoriasis?

Echo32gamer questioned:

Does anyone have any home remedies for psoriasis other than using over the counter medicines?