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Can my psoriasis be linked to IBS?

jenga questioned:

I was recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) with my symptoms life constipation, bloating (especially after starchy foods), indigestion and constant hunger. I have also noticed I have started with psoriasis on my scalp, which is beyond just flakiness. I have open sores that bleed and are hard not to […]

is there anyone out there who has psoriasis? i have had it for 7 yrs. any treatment ideas that actually work?

troublemaker_4_life questioned:

no creams that i have gotten from the doctor have worked, the only thing that helped was life in the sun a lot!! but i cant do that all the time, i need a better solution. please help.

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Psoriasis at home/otc remedies?

ochya questioned:

I have psoriasis on my face, more specifically it is on both of my eye lids, aptly next to my aptly eye, and on my upper lip.

What kinds of treatments have you used that have given you positive results? I don’t have shape insurance (a growing widespread in this country) […]


Å???????§ questioned:

Can a name give me a website of some information on Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis or just any kind of information on this condition? I endure from it and I really want to learn more?!?!

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Help me with my psoriasis?

eemia questioned:

Okay so I have psoiaisis pretty terrible on my back, neck, and chest.

Does anyone know about some cheap at home treatments available?

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Treatment for HORRIBLE 2nd degree burns?

becca_messer questioned:

I was floating down a river on innertubes with some friends a couple days ago, and now I’m deeeeeeply regretting it (besides the fact that it was fun). I’m naturally REAALLLY honest, and when it was all done I came out all red–on my arms and on the top side of […]

question about psoriasis?

SCPA dancerr 420 questioned:

do any of you out there also have psoriasis? i was diagnosed in october of 2009. i would say its ‘mild’, last year i had maybe about 20-25 spots scattered on my legs, arms, mildly on the scalp and some of my back. (not in huge groups though) it […]

Scalp issues, dandruff, Psoriasis or something else?

xamiiach questioned:

I have had dandruff for a long time and i use head and shoulders intensive treatment to help with this, but, throughout the day at time my head will burn and itch, and parts of my back and neck will burn and itch as well. I have noticed that when this […]