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PsoriasisCure.Net Celebrates 13 Years Helping Those With Psoriasis! home of the world’s best selling psoriasis treatment method, Say Goodbye To Psoriasis is celebrating 13 years of helping people all over the world in clearing their psoriasis.

The method developed by Jim Longnecker over thirteen years ago has helped more people clear their psoriasis than any other program or method. Jim says it […]

Psoriasis News 2015 Product of the Year – Bee Clear Sticks!

Drum roll…and the Psoriasis News Product of the Year is Bee Clear Sticks! Bee Clear Sticks are a new way to apply a product, actually two different products, to your psoriasis sores. The sticks are available in both the 100% natural Bee Clear Healing Cream and the medicated Bee Clear MAX formula.

Bee Clear […]

Is Psoriasis the Bane of Your Life?

psoriasisskintreatme questioned: Learn All There is to Know About Psoriasis Causes and Treatment Options From my Free Video Series!

Bee Clear MAX Cream for Psoriasis

Treating Psoriasis Naturally – How to Get Rid of Your Psoriasis Today

Chase Parker questioned:

If you are a sufferer of psoriasis then you know how terribly it affects your life. You are embarrassed of your appearance and you despise it when people look at you. You assume that they are judging you based on your skin and it is really embarrassing to live life […]

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Learn more about Jim Longnecker’s Say Goodbye To Psoriasis treatment at or at Say Goodbye To Psoriasis

It’s Holiday Giving Time at

Jim Longnecker announced today that he is including one two ounce jar of Bee Clear Psoriasis Healing Cream with the order of any version of Say Goodbye to Psoriasis. This $20.00 value is yours during this limited time Holiday Special and will end before the year does!

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis has been the […] adds Mobile Friendly Website

Jim Longnecker announced the addition of a “mobile friendly” website to The new website is enhanced for mobile devices and includes the most vital information from the “regular” website.

Pages contain access to his Free Report, The Secret to Clearing Psoriasis, FAQ, Products, Contact Form, About Us, Latest News, Client Testimonials, Videos, and more!


Natural Dead Sea Salt – Unscented, Treat Psoriasis – 10 Pounds

Come home after a long day and relax your body in a warm bath with rejuvenating, relaxing bath salts from The Dead Sea. For centuries people have traveled splendid distances to come and bathe in the salt rich waters of The Dead Sea. The only thing second to really bathing in the […]