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Press Release: Say Goodbye To Psoriasis – Your Cure for Psoriasis

The most popular psoriasis treatment method for the last six and a half years has recently gone through a major update. Say Goodbye To Psoriasis III was developed by Jim Longnecker and is a simple, safe, and inexpensive psoriasis treatment that has proven to produce superior results to any other psoriasis treatment.

Longnecker suffered from […]

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis III Released Today

The third edition of Say Goodbye to Psoriasis, written by Jim Longnecker was released on September 15, 2009.

The original book was published in September, 2003 and it has been, and remains the number one selling psoriasis treatment method worldwide.

The latest version is 55 pages and is available as an ebook which can be […]

99.9% of all Doctors do not want YOU to know about this!

My friend, Dr. Jon contacted me yesterday regarding a new ebook just released by his associate, Dr.Suzanne titled the Top Secret Stout Loss Diet Secret.

The information in this book can help with your psoriasis treatment and speed up your clearing process by cleaning out your gut. This has proven to be vital in being […]

eBook Review – Say Goodbye to Psoriasis II

Reviewed by Susan Day

Say Goodbye to Psoriasis II is an updated version of the original book which was released in September 2003, by Jim Longnecker, in Austin, Texas.  The book features a multi-faceted approach for treating psoriasis by natural earnings.

Jim had suffered from moderate to severe psoriasis for over 25 years […]

Hello world! Welcome to the New, Psoriasis News blog!

Welcome to the Psoriasis News blog.  This is the new, updated version and we hope you like it!  Check around and see what we have to offer.  Register and leave some comments.

We hope to make this an “active center” for those suffering from psoriasis, and searching for a way to clear up their skin […]

A 90% Cancer Cure Diet using Flaxseed Oil Cottage Cheese?

A 90% Cancer Cure Diet using Flaxseed Oil Cottage Cheese?